Communication of insight … and GTD on ways in which personal management skills are taught through stories from more experienced practioners.

Novel sequences of learning on opportunities to increase learning effectiveness through choosing better journeys through the subject landscape. Too frequently course designers assume that the subject dictates the sequence.

Training and learning

After spending about 16 years delivering “training“, it is something of a reversal to discover that in current terminology this is now “learning“.

In a sense I came to understand this many years earlier. For about 5 years at the start of this period, I spent some enjoyable days training people and some other days were much less enjoyable. Whenever I became concerned about the effectiveness of the training course that I was instructing, I assumed that it was my fault. Much of the time I was concerned about “how am I doing?”.

Then it dawned on me that it was much more effective to be concerned with “how are they doing?”. This was a breakthrough for me.

Since that time, I have had very little anxiety about training people, and am fairly certain that the students learnt more as a result.

Sub topics

The potential for dramatic increases in learning performance through improvements in the sequence in which learners are exposed to new topics is explored in the article Novel sequences of learning. It makes the case for thinking beyond traditional syllabi and avoiding the trap of assuming that the content of a subject area dictates the sequence of learning.

For some years, I have been trying to learn to change my approach to personal management. This article, Communication of insight … and GTD, describes an aspect of this quest based on an interview about GTD, which is possibly the most effective approach on the planet!