Strategic Innovation for You

Imagine the contribution that you can make to the success of your organization because you understand and apply fundamental aspects of innovation.



Approach to innovation

The ability of people and organisations to benefit from managing innovation depends on:

  • an understanding of the fundamentals of innovation
  • the capability of applying that understanding within the internal culture and external environment of an organisation
  • and effectiveness in deploying that capability in specific situations.

The greatest increase in innovation effectiveness is likely to result from applying this understanding and capability to the development of a strategy. Continue reading “Approach”


Learn about organizational innovation
and formulate your strategy

  • reinforce your current understanding of innovation
  • develop your capabilities to manage innovation
  • increase your effectiveness in realising opportunities
  • establish a basis for further learning. Continue reading “Products”



Dr John W Lewis helps people and organisations to manage innovation.

His approach is to encourage more effective and innovative behaviour by facilitating the development of knowledge and experience. The foundation of his approach is an understanding of why innovation is important, what innovation is, and how, where and when innovation happens. In particular, he identifies the strategic role of innovation in the accurate evaluation of opportunities. Continue reading “About”


A blog about innovation from a pragmatic perspective.

The discontinuous nature of innovation

Making sense of the field of innovation is not simple. This is partly because of the range of aspects of innovation that are frequently discussed. In this interview¬†with¬†Brightidea, the leading provider of innovation management systems, Keith McConnell, of Sara Lee, makes a distinction between innovation and “continuous improvement” in the first 25 seconds, when he …